Messages for Super Mini-Pla VOLTRON Fans :Episode 5

Messages for Super Mini-Pla VOLTRON Fans :Episode 5

Messages for Super Mini-Pla VOLTRON Fans :Episode 5

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Tsuyoshi Nonaka:(TN)

Hideki Sakamoto:(HS)

Satrou Hiramatsu:(SH)



In conclusion, give us your message for the fans looking forward to the Super Mini-Pla VOLTRON.


(TN):The message is,"please buy!" of course!


(HS):Please buy! Of course! [laughter]


(SH):Give it a try!


Thank you everyone, for getting straight to the point! haha.

Let us know about the point you focused on the most.



(TN):Well, I put a lot of time into designing the combining weapon MEGA BLASTER. This also concern about American fans that are used to play with action figure which including combo weapons. MEGA BLASTER doesn't appear in animated cartoons, so I tried hard to design it cool.


▲Super Mini-Pla VOLTRON (with the original giant bazooka MEGA BLASTER in its hand)

TM and (C) WEP, LLC, under license to DreamWorks Animation LLC.


Although it's based on the animated series, this weapon's design has lots of Mr. Nonaka's imagination inside!


(TN):Some may think "what's this?" since it doesn't appear in any scenes, but I'd appreciate it if you would make use of it, since I tried hard to design it.



(TN):Also, I designed the special weapon for the San Diego Comic-Con limited version. Its effect parts can re-enact drawing the sword action that every fan should know.



(TN):I designed VOLTRON's design on the package, too. Please look forward to seeing them in the stores.



How about you, Mr. Sakamoto?



(HS):I focused on the most on its motion range. I tried hard to make a product that can re-enact all of the VOLTRON's set poses. I think this is one of the most movable robot among the products I've made.


Was there a new trial, though you have been engaged in this field for many years?


(HS):The new trial for this robot was, the structure of the ankle joint when the robot is combined. It uses a structure that we never adopted before, so I designed the mechanism from zero.


Thank you for your interesting story. May I ask about you, Mr. Hiramatsu?



(SH):Well, I especially focused on playability. The more the joints are tight, it is easier to make steady poses, but if the joints are too tight, it is hard to assemble the parts. I paid close attention to this balance, so I'm glad if many users enjoy assembling, and making various poses.


So it doesn't end up in just assembling.



(SH):Yes. This Super Mini-Pla VOLTRON has many attractive points that you can experience once after you play with it. So please not just display it, but fully play and paint and take many photos of its cool poses, and post on those photos a lot! I'll secretly retweet it when I find those tweets.


You are going to do a twitter campaign alone! haha


(SH):I once got so glad to see a video of dozens of big KING BRACHIONS marching. The video was created by Super Mini-Pla fans! So this time, I'm looking forward to see the VOLTRON marching on the KING BRACHIONS. [laughter]


That would be a great spectacle!


(SH):For this product, we had a very tight schedule to sell in many countries. I'd like to appreciate workmen's great efforts in the Chinese factory.


You said that there's a VOLTRON fan in the Chinese factory, too.


(SH):Yes, this product is filled with those members' soul, so I hope many people will enjoy playing with this.



Thank you. I suppose there are some readers who are interested in your jobs. Could we hear some messages for those readers?



(SH):These years, I feel that there are many young people who have never made plastic robot models. I suggest everyone to try taking a model in your hand, and be honest to your emotions that feel, "robots are cool!"


▲Treasure your enjoyment when making, and your delight when you made it!!


(SH):I'd be happy if someone says, "I wanted to do this kind of job because I loved playing with that model" in the future.



(HS):I happened to engage in designing toys, but it was after I started working when I brought back my memories that I liked robots in my boyhood. Recalling what you loved in your childhood may be a good choice for finding your future job.


Likes really can give you big power.



▲Every development is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So be a gentleman toward each character.


Why did you use the word "Gentleman"?


(HS):I always do my best, and try to use latest development technologies in all products. The word "Gentlemen" means that "I treat all characters politely as if they are beautiful ladies."



Lastly, could you give us your message, Mr. Nonaka?


(TN):I also teach some students at design academies, and what I always say to them is, "set a clear vision." If you have something you want to do, "just move ahead and jump in!"



You also have pursued your dream from your childhood.


(TN):Many people get surprised, but I think it's late to think about your future job after you turned 20 years old. Surely, you may have several options, but I think it's better to find your rough direction until you graduate high school.


The earlier one finds his way, the more chances to achieve one's dream?


(TN):Right. I decided to make toys in high school, and headed for art university. I experienced a fail in an entrance exam, but I kept working to this goal and became a toy creator after I graduated art college.


▲Not be afraid, not be daunted, not stepping back, not giving up. This is the sort of person I always want to be.


(TN):When I was a student, I didn't have enough money to buy all those toys, so I secretly played with the samples in toy stores behind children. Anything is alright. Have a dream in early ages, and don't hesitate to make efforts toward your dream.




How was the five episodes of these designers? Even if you didn't know about VOLTRON, give it a try to play with the Super Mini-Pla "VOLTRON". I'm sure you can enjoy it! Cheers!


Interview, writing, photography, graph: Takuma Ogata

Photo by courtesy of BANDAI CO., LTD.



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Messages for Super Mini-Pla VOLTRON Fans :Episode 5

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